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Amitours.Rent offers the best and most convenient long-term passenger minibus solutions. Long-term minibus rental is advantageous solution, if you need an additional vehicle in your company or you have been left without a vehicle for a longer period of time, but it is necessary for your everyday activities.

Amitours.Rent offers long-term minibus rental for a period of 1 to 12 months. Choose a long-term rent Choose Amitours.Rent passenger minibus rental for a longer period of time and enjoy a comfortable ride without problems. Rental minibus is available for up to 9 passengers and will be comfortable for families or larger groups of passengers.
Select Amitours.Rent long-term minibus rental and get more possibilities by choosing from Renault Trafic or Opel Vivaro latest minibuses.
JIf you choose long-term minibus rental solution the mileage limit will be discussed individualy.
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The monthly payment of a long-term minibus rental includes all necessary insurance and maintenance.
You can temporarily stop or completely decline the use of a minbus without a contract termination fee if you no longer need it.
Amitours.Rent offers a differentiated range of offers and offers with more affordable rental costs depending on rental terms. For more information about long-term leases and prices, please contact us by phone +371 26 699697 or e-mail rent@amitours.lv.
Select Amitours.Rent as your partner and you can be sure you've chosen the most convenient and beneficial collaboration partner.