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Amitours.Rent provides the most affordable short-term and long-term rental service at a competitive price always focusing on lower costs. We offer passenger vans that are released in the last years and that are only served in authorized service centers.


Choosing rental services of Amitours.Rent, you will receive professional service 24 hours a day. We offer to receive and return cars to you at a convenient time in our office at Pardaugava, Riga International Airport or in any other place in Riga or Jurmala.


Regardless of the chosen model, you will always receive a clean car in an excellent technical condition with a full fuel tank so you can start your journey without hesitation. Take a tour in gorgeous Latvia or go a long way across Europe.


Going on vacation or business trips, Amitours.Rent passenger vans will be the best choice for the most economical price!

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