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Can I make a reservation on the website?

Yes, it is possible to make a car reservation on our Homepage quickly and comfortably. If you are interested in a long-term rental or a car with driver, contact our rental agent by writing to rent@amitours.lv.

Does rental fee also include a car delivery to the necessary address?

Rental charges include the car receiving at the Airport Riga, Riga Passenger Port and Old Riga. If you want to receive and return a car at a different location in Riga or Jurmala, then additional pay is applied. Check here receiving and returning costs information.

What are the possible payment methods?

You can pay with a credit card (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa) as well as cash or bank transfer.

What I do need to do if I want to cancel a car rental reservation?

Cancellation of the reservation must be made in writing by e-mail rent@amitours.lv. Please note that cancellation by telephone is not accepted.

What are the costs of cancelling a rental car reservation?

This is the cancellation costs of the reservation:
  • More than 24 hours before the start date - 0%
  • Less than 24 hours before the start date - 50%
  • Less than 12 hours before the start date - 100%
The notice period is based on a day being a 24 hour period, up to the start time, not a calendar day.

What driver's license is valid?

The driving licence must be in Latin letters or Cyrillic. A non-EU tenant must have an international driving licence.

What is the car rental working time?

Working time of the Amitours.Rent office is 24 hours a day. But the time of car receiving and returning to another place in Riga or Jurmala after the agreement.

What is the limit of kilometres per day?

The car rental price includes mileage of 500 km per day. Exceeding the limit an additional fee of 0.20 EUR/km will be applied.

What is the renter age limit?

A rental car is permitted to be controlled by a person who, at the beginning of the rental period, has reached the age of 23 years. If the driver, at the beginning of the rent period, is less than 23 years old, then an extra fee is EUR 10 per day (VAT included). Also, driver's seniority must be at least 1 year.

Can there be smoke in cars?

No, you can’t smoke in rental cars. Amitours.Rent is a non-smoking policy in all cars. If you have smoked in a car or allowed it to another passenger, then an additional payment of EUR 100 will be applied

What if there are technical problems with the rented car?

Call +371 266 996 97 or +371 672 977 37. We provide technical assistance to telephonic 24/7 for all rental cars. Our operators will help you find a solution in Latvian, Russian or English.

Is there available additional equipment for cars?

Amitours.Rent offers to reserve and receive such additional equipment without additional pay – GPS, child seat and child pad.

What is necessary to receive rental car?

A valid passport or identification card, a valid driving licence and at least 1 year of driver's seniority shall be provided at the reception of the rental car. As well as a credit card (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa) will be required. If the payment is made on the Internet, the credit card that was used for payment will be needed.

Can I rent a car if I don't have a driving licence?

Yes, you can rent a car without a driving licence by choosing a van rental with a driver. If you don’t have a driver's licence or want a comfortable and peaceful journey, then this service is a suitable solution. More details here.

Is it possible to rent a car for long period?

Yes, in our services is also available a long-term rental. You can safely rent the vans for a year or longer period. For more information about long-term rental, write to rent@amitours.lv or call +371 266 996 97.

What are the possibilities of reducing self-risk of damage to a rented car?

The reduction of self-risk or liability is the part of the losses that you will cover in the event of insurance. If you choose to reduce self-risk, then the liability for car damage is reduced to EUR 0 depending on what type of self-risk reduction you have chosen. Here are three types of risk reduction:

Premium risk reduction: 20 EUR/day
If the car is rented for a period of more than 7 days: EUR 15 /day
Includes hull, windows, mirrors, wheels insurance.
Deposit: EUR 100

Basic risk reduction: 10 EUR/day
If the car is rented for a period more than 7 days: EUR 7 /day
Includes only hull insurance.
Deposit: EUR 150

Light risk reduction: 7 EUR/day
If the car is rented for a period more than 7 days: EUR 4 /day
Includes wheels, windows and mirrors insurance.
Deposit: EUR 150

For more information, write to rent@amitours.lv or call +371 266 996 97.

Should the deposit be paid and when it is returned?

At the time of closing the contract, a deposit of EUR 300 must be paid. You will receive this amount back within a week after the end of the rental period.